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The Developmental Relations Structure. Grab a Ready-to-Print Developmental Connections Structure (PDF)

Lookup Institute has determined five elements—expressed in 20 particular actions—that make connections effective in youthful people’s schedules. We make reference to this since the developmental relationships framework.

Express Treatment

Show me that we make a difference to you.

  • Feel dependable—Be individuals I am able to trust.
  • Listen—Really take notice whenever we include together.
  • Rely on me—Make me become recognized and appreciated.
  • Feel warm—Show myself you love being with me.
  • Encourage—Praise myself for my efforts and achievements.

Test Growth

Force us to keep getting better.

  • Count on my personal best—Expect me to meet my opportunities.
  • Stretch—Push us to go more.
  • Keep me personally accountable—Insist I capture duty for my activities.
  • Think on failures—help me to learn from blunders and setbacks.

Supply Assistance

Help me to complete activities and accomplish aim.

  • Navigate—Guide myself through tough issues and programs.
  • Empower—Build my esteem to take control of my entire life.
  • Advocate—Stand right up in my situation when I need it.
  • Put boundaries—Put in place restrictions that keep me focused.

Display Electricity. Combat myself with regard and give me personally a say.

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