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a€?Absolutely,a€? she replied. a€?Before the U.S. occupied Afghanistan, there was absolutely nothing, no structure, no legal program, no educational system, little there

Plus in the past 2 decades, anything had been re-created in the united kingdom, from training, with the legal program, to personal, to economics a€¦ people has achieved every little thing. Not simply people, however the Afghans in general has gathered many.a€?

In March 2014, Afghan lady enter to choose in presidential elections at a middle work from the Afghan separate Electoral fee in Shah Shaheed, Kabul.

Left: Shukriya Barakzai strategies for parliamentary elections facing Kabul institution, 2005. Right: Fawzia Koofi, a parliamentarian, satisfies with constituents in her own homes, April 2010.

Now, needless to say, those gains are vanishing.

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